NC teachers petition schools reopen, include list of demands needed to return

NC teachers petition schools reopen, include list of demands needed to return
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NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Teachers across the state, including New Hanover county have started a petition with things they’d like to see happen before everybody returns to the classroom.

Some of the demands include making sure the schools stay fully funded and better more engaging opportunities for remote learning classes.

“We want to make sure we have the same funding as last year and that’s to provide school supplies for students because our students still need school supplies, said Amanda White, President of the New Hanover Association of Educators. “Just because we’re going virtual doesn’t mean a pen and paper isn’t necessary to do the easy work to think out loud. Most of our students aren’t used to thinking on a computer.”

The New Hanover chapter of North Carolina Association of Educators says with the county recently switching to Plan C, starting the year remotely, as well as a new Superintendent, they would like to be involved in choosing the curriculum and how schools will open once that happens.

“If we can go back in a safe manner and it’s fully funded then that’s great,” said White. If not, then it can’t happen, it really can’t.”

NCAE would like more synchronous learning, think of it as screen sharing with students so engagement and help for students can be given in real time, instead of after the fact. White said if the process is done correctly, students could have a year better than anticipated.

“This can’t be done incorrectly because it’s going to frustrate everybody. Everybody will have a year loss. If this is done correctly, we will engage our students and they are going to develop skills that they hadn’t had before and it’s going to be a more purposeful learning experience for them.”

In a letter written to school leaders, the group suggests using the first week of school to focus on training both teachers and parents. White says she knows none of this is ideal but at the end of the day she wants school employees to be safe and students to have the best learning opportunities they can get.

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