Red Cross shares advice for preparing for Hurricane Isaias

Red Cross shares advice for preparing for Hurricane Isaias

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - As we continue to monitor Hurricane Isaias and its possible impacts in Southeastern North Carolina, the American Red Cross of the Cape Fear Area shared important information to help our community prepare.

“What we would encourage people to do right now is to get a kit, make a plan and stay informed,” said James Jarvis, Executive Director of American Red Cross of the Cape Fear Area.

Jarvis said to keep the coronavirus outbreak in mind when making your plans.

He recommends that you plan now if you need help leaving or if you need to share transportation.

When you ask friends or relatives inland if you can stay with them, first, check and see if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have people in their home at higher risk for serious illness.

If they have symptoms or people at higher risk in their home, make other arrangements. Call ahead to hotels, motels and campgrounds.

Jarvis said a shelter should be your “last resort.” Shelters are operating at one third of their normal capacity.

Also, make sure to have a plan for your pets. If you do need to evacuate, do not leave them behind. Make sure to check if hotels are pet-friendly ahead of evacuating. The Red Cross recommends using resources such as RedRover to find out where they can safely stay.

As far as supplies in your hurricane kit, make sure to have 30 days worth of medications.

For a hurricane survival checklist, click here.

Jarvis said don’t buy more than you need, in order to make sure there are enough supplies for everyone.

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