Florida man accused of using federal coronavirus relief loans on Lamborghini

MIAMI (WSVN/CNN) - A Florida man is accused of using some of his federal coronavirus relief money on luxury expenses, including a Lamborghini.

WSVN reports David Hines of Miami is charged with bank fraud and other offenses after authorities said he used some of the nearly $4 million he received in Personal Paycheck Protection loans on the lavish expenses.

Federal prosecutors said Hines should have used the federal loans to fund his payroll, but instead he spent the funds on dating websites, luxury jewelry, clothing and beach resorts. The Lamborghini he purchased cost $318,000.

WSVN interviewed Hines a week prior to getting in trouble with the feds, but it was because he was ticketed $100 for violating Miami’s mask ordinance. He said he felt “silly” about getting the fine during the interview, and he coincidentally discussed PPP loans as well.

“Every single business has gone out of business. The government, the treasury, they get $2 trillion for PPP loans for small businesses. Eighty-five percent of it went to major corporations,” Hines said.

Hines never mentioned any inappropriate spending of relief funds during the interview. The feds accused him of spending thousands at a time when visiting some resorts.

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