Interest soars in home school options for families

Interest soars in home school options for families

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Interest is soaring in home schooling options as families grapple with changing public school reopening plans and COVID-19.

Kathy Iandoli is the President of CHEW - Christian Home Educators of Wilmington—and she’s home schooled for over 30 years.

“Home schooling is a lot different than just sitting at a computer all day doing online school,” she said. “We have lots of activities. The home school community is huge in Wilmington. We have support groups and co-op classes and all sorts of things that we do together.”

Before the pandemic, Iandoli says she received about one or two new inquiries from families looking for guidance on home schooling. Now, she gets about fifteen every day.

Michelle Brinn has decided to keep her 6-year-old daughter home this year. She’d thought of home schooling her children before, but the pandemic has pushed her family to commit to it for this fall.

“There’s such a taboo associated with home school. I know my parents’ age, that generation, they...home school were like the weird kids, that came to school in high school and they were anti-social and like, super book-wormy and that’s just not the standard for home school anymore. That’s not what it’s like. There’s people all over the country that are doing all different methods and have been incredibly successful with it,” said Brinn. “It’s really about coming up with solutions that make sense.”

She’s using social media to connect with other families who are considering the same thing, which is exactly what Iandoli suggests others do.

She encourages anyone interested to get connected with others experienced in home schooling to find out what it’s like and what it takes. You can join a social media group, attend a local information session or get online and start researching.

Iandoli says there are many misconceptions about home schooling including that it takes all day, costs a lot of money and that parents who work can’t manage it.

She says it is not about trying to recreate a public school day at home; it’s about customizing your child’s education to the needs of the child and family.

You can also find guidance through the state division of non-public education.

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