WPD: Four people cited during downtown protest

WPD: Four people cited during downtown protest

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Wilmington police cited four people for blocking a downtown intersection Tuesday.

According to the WPD, it received reports at approximately 4 p.m. that protesters were blocking the intersection of Third and Princess streets “by standing in the crosswalk when the light was green, turning around and walking in the other direction to prevent cars from turning, and walking slowly across the road.”

Officials say officers spoke to the protesters and asked them to not block the roadway.

Officers responded to the intersection again at around 9 p.m. after more reports of protesters blocking traffic.

Four people were cited for impeding traffic: Brandon Odeh, 25, Christopher Haynes, 31, Keylon Armstrong, 23, and Sloan Godbey, 21.

“This agency is committed to protecting and honoring citizens’ first amendment rights, and we’ve done that since these protests began on May 31,” said Wilmington Police Chief Donny Williams. “However, when protesters blatantly disregard the law and put our community and our officers at risk, they will be dealt with.”

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