911 calls released of Carolina Beach Road vehicle shooting; community members ask questions after seeing a rise in vehicle shootings

Community concern growing over recent shootings

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - On Thursday, a vehicle shooting left one man dead, one man injured and another man behind bars.

The recent shootings, including on Oleander dr., have some community members still with questions as there has been a rise in vehicle shootings on busy roads.

The main question: Is this an isolated incident or is it part of a larger and growing problem in Wilmington?

Local resident, Donnie Davis, said it’s something that is still running through his mind days after the deadly shooting took place less than a mile from his house.

And because it took place on the road, between two cars, with other vehicles and even homes being hit by stray bullets, Davis says it’s clear these road-based gun battles put more than the victim and suspect in harm’s way.

“You can make it to the gas station and the grocery store within a mile either way, but it happened within a mile,” said Davis. “Some of the bullets impacted the front of the Bell Meade apartments so that’s close. Riding your bicycle, walking with your kids, walking your dog—that makes a statement.”

Back in May, another man was shot and killed leading to a serious car crash on Oleander Drive and that’s just one of several similar shootings.

Now, Davis is questioning whether simply being caught in the wrong place at the wrong time would lead to serious trouble.

“It makes you think,” said Davis. “And then you not knowing, was it discreet activity of two people not liking each other and it began somewhere else? Or, was it just random road rage?”

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