Gov. Cooper: Announcement on schools coming next week

Gov. Cooper: Announcement on schools coming next week

RALEIGH, N.C. (WECT) - An announcement on reopening schools in North Carolina will come next week, Gov. Roy Cooper said Thursday.

“There are critical decisions ahead on how we reopen schools and whether we continue to ease restrictions on certain businesses,” Cooper said during a media briefing. “On schools, we continue to get excellent input from teachers, superintendents and health officials.

“We want our children back in school safely, and we will have an official announcement next week. We’ll also have an announcement next week about the Executive Order that ends on July 17.”

Cooper has encouraged district and school administrators to continue work on their three plans to reopen this fall.

The first plan is in-person learning with key health and safety rules in place. The second plan is the same as the first plan, but with fewer children in the classroom at one time. And the third plan is remote learning for all students.

“I think it’s really important that we separate all of the politics here and talk about what’s best for our children,” Cooper said Thursday. “We know that they need to get back in school. They need to do it in a safe way, and that can be a combination of in-person learning and remote learning depending on the circumstances, depending on the student. We have been working on this for a quite a while.

“This is a tough call. How to open up schools is something every single state, every single governor is struggling with.”

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