‘We’ve already lost everything:’ Thief steals home from family displaced by Florence

Help needed to track down stolen camper

ROCKY POINT, N.C. (WECT) - The Pender County Sheriff’s Office continues to search for a 21 foot 2009 Gulf Stream Camper. While the agency regularly files reports for stolen property, this case is different because the camper was home to the Cline family.

You can still see pieces of pipe and wire where the thieves ripped the camper from its support blocks. The family says someone severed their utility lines and pulled the camper away from the property.

“They came and snatched it and took off,” said Gidget Cline. “Somebody decided they needed it more than we did.”

Cline bought the camper for her family to live in after they lost their home in Hurricane Florence. More than five feet of water flooded their house during the storm. None of the people on her street have been able to get back into their homes either.

“People don’t understand. A lot of people have moved on from Florence but in my neighborhood, we’re still recovering. We were hit massively hard in this neighborhood. In my street alone no one has gotten back on their feet,” she added.

The mother says she was crushed to learn someone had stolen their home. Treasured items her late husband bought for Cline were also inside at the time.

While its been an overwhelming few days, she’s staying positive and says she’s grateful her three children weren’t there when someone took off with the camper.

“Its just a camper no one in my family was hurt. We’ve already lost everything so you didn’t really take too much. There were only a few items that were personal in there. Whoever took it has took one of the last remaining items my husband gave me and he’s been dead since ’08 so that’s really harsh, but you have to be positive,” said Cline.

The license plate on the camper is CK85877. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Pender County Sheriffs Office at 910-259-1212.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe account for the family.

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