Waterspout spotted off Brunswick County beach

Waterspout spotted off Caswell Beach in Brunswick County

CASWELL BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - A waterspout was briefly spotted off a beach in Brunswick County Monday afternoon.

The waterspout formed around 3 p.m. just off-shore and quickly fell apart after crossing onshore near Caswell Beach about eight minutes later, according to the National Weather Service. It’s wasn’t immediately known if there were any damage or injuries.

WECT Meteorologist Kellie McGlynn classified it as a “fair-weather” waterspout since there was no severe weather in the area and only broad rotation in the area with nothing to indicate a funnel cloud.

A waterspout also appeared to form in the Topsail Beach area in Pender County earlier in the day. A viewer said she and her son were bicycling in the Harbor Village Marina area of Hampstead when they spotted the waterspout on the sound-side of Topsail Island around 11:10 a.m.

The water spout seen off Topsail Beach was defined by the NOAA’a National Weather Service as an ef-0 tor with an estimated maximum wind speed of 65 mph. It developed along the waterway near the north end of Bridgers Avenue and moved onshore to the west of Marsh Island where it quickly dissipated.

Photos provided by the viewer show the waterspout appear to possibly touch down. No injuries or damage have been reported. Similar to the Caswell Beach waterspout, the one in Topsail had broad rotation with no indication of a funnel cloud and there was no severe weather in the area.

The National Weather Service sent a team to the Topsail Beach area to investigate.

Topsail Beach waterspout
Topsail Beach waterspout (Source: Kathy Gordon)

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