Faith group files federal complaint, calls for charges of three former WPD officers for conspiracy

Federal complaint filed against WPD officers

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A call to action came from a group of faith leaders Monday. The Wilmington Clergy Truth and Reconciliation Mission filed the complaint, naming the three officers recently caught on tape using racist language.

”We want to charge them with a federal hate crime, well a conspiracy to commit a federal hate crime,” said Rev. Kojo Nantambu, Pastor of Temple of Truth Light and Life church.”

Members of the group said the officers’ acts and words are so vile they can’t go without punishment.

“You’ve worked alongside African-American officers and you do all of that and now you anxiously deliberating and contemplating a war where you can wipe all black people out?” said Nantambu. “That to me is very disturbing if not diabolical.”

District Attorney Ben David has already said there will be no charges filed against the officers on a state level, but he too has asked for federal help. So, members of the group are taking it into their own hands.

“It is so disturbing that it must be investigated,” said Nantambu. “We don’t have to wait on the district attorney, we don’t have to wait on the city, we as citizens have a right to press the federal law enforcement, the federal justice department to investigate these men.”

Talk of charging the officers also came up during a virtual town hall hosted by the Wilmington chapter of Black Lives Matter. Leaders are pushing for a citizen’s review board with subpoena power—one that could demand law enforcement officers answer for any questionable actions or complaints filed against them.

“Just continue to be diligent and work on getting the Citizens Review Board,” said Rodney Moore, Black Lives Matter Wilmington. “Keep pressing the mayor and city council and your delegation from New Hanover County to really press this issue.”

Until then, community leaders say they will keep pushing for what they believe in.

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