Crunching COVID Numbers: Experts say overall trends important as we evaluate virus response

Tracking statistics for COVID-19

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - The amount of daily information regarding the coronavirus pandemic can be overwhelming.

While a few counties are only releasing virus-related data a few times a week now, most are still giving daily updates.

WECT launched a Coronavirus Dashboard to look at the information and the trends that have emerged.

Lisa Brown, health preparedness coordinator for New Hanover County, said looking at these overall trends can be helpful for people to understand the significance of the information when the daily updates get to be too much.

“I think even those of us that are, maybe especially those of us that have been working on this or reporting on this, we all have kind of COVID fatigue and there’s so much information and it can be very, very overwhelming,” she said. “Understand your personal risk, but also understand what you can do to take control of this situation.”

For New Hanover County, Brown said some of the more nuanced data — such as the weekly rolling average of new cases per day — is trending in the wrong direction.

“Our seven day average looks about 47 and a half, 48 cases a day. That’s too high. And we really would like to see that a lot lower,” she said.

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