Protesters at UNCW rally against hate, racism and discrimination

Protestors at UNCW rally against hate, racism and discrimination

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Protesters took to the streets again Monday, but this protest wasn’t aimed at ending police brutality. The gathering instead focused on UNCW and controversial Professor Mike Adams whose offensive tweets have garnered national attention.

Caitlin and Robert Trombley organized the protest. The two aren’t current or former UNCW students; they live in New Bern, North Carolina. They saw the tweets Mike Adams posted in the recent months and could not sit back and watch as it continued.

“In a university where you’re supposed to have diversity and inclusion, hate speech should have no place," said Robert. "It just creates more problems and more hate. We want this to go beyond firing Mike Adams. Even if he does get fired, we want to see language change and we want to see that tenure will not protect someone that is hateful and discriminatory.”

A little over a dozen came out, despite the rain.

“We were faced with the option of having to reschedule and knew there probably wouldn’t be a huge turnout if kept going with the rain,” said Robert. “We all sat down as a group and decided hate and racism doesn’t sleep; we see it every day. Unfortunately, others see it more on a day-to-day basis so to stand in solidarity with them, we’re out here."

Many had signs that read “Fire Mike Adams” and “teach love, not hate.”

The Trombleys said today’s protest was about conversation. The two wanted to hear from the people that came out and find out what they wanted to see.

Caitlin said today was about giving people a space to express their frustrations and talk about their personal experiences with Adams and the university.

“What do you want UNCW to be?," said Caitlin. "What does that future look like to you in your eyes? What do you want to see happen? So that way we’re really just not out here whining. We’re hoping to come up with solutions so that in the future they’ll change the policies so this stuff won’t happen again.”

Caitlin hopes those conversations will lead to big changes within the system. She says there is a group of people working to get a committee together to fix the systemic problems.

The Trombleys plan to organize more protests in the future. No word on when the next one will be.

WECT reached out to Mike Adams for comment. He has not yet responded.

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