Lowercase Leaders look to make a difference following protests

Published: Jun. 15, 2020 at 3:45 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - If you have been to the protests taking placing in downtown Wilmington, you probably have noticed some of the same faces each day.

As the group organizes, each day’s purpose has become more clear.

“We have mentor Mondays, then we have political Tuesday,” said organizer Lily Nicole. “Wednesday is women of color Wednesday, Our boy Jamison held it down last Thursday, so we’re going to give it to him every Thursday. Friday is our artist Friday. Saturday is the dopest because its community leader Saturday. And then Sunday, gotta wrap it all up and get you ready for Monday so it’s spiritual entity Sunday.”

Now, they want to do more than only protest. They want to become activists based around education.

They're trying to make a lasting change their own way and are calling themselves the 'Lowercase Leaders'.

“We want more, this neighborhood wants more, this demographic wants more. So, while we’re behind the larger systemic change we know that comes with voting and candidates and policies, we know that’s the long-term goal,” Nicole said. “What we want is immediate things and a community garden is something we can do and that’s something we’re working on getting, accessible food and education.”

This group of millennials wants to transcend their predecessors. They want to teach about racial differences, ways of life and encourage community togetherness.

It's something they believe has been missing, not only in Wilmington, but the country as a whole.

“Come talk to us, don’t refer to us as protesters and rioters anymore, this is a community education program, the Lowercase Leaders are here for as long as we can be here because there’s a need for this.”

They’re still working out the details.

The Lowercase Leaders never thought they’d be presented with the cards in their hands, but now they’re poised to bring on a better future.

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