Actor Orlando Jones lashes out at UNCW for failing to fire Mike Adams

Orlando Jones joins other celebrities in condemning UNCW professor
Updated: Jun. 13, 2020 at 12:17 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A popular actor is one of several celebrities criticizing UNCW for how it’s handling Mike Adams’ offensive and demeaning social media posts.

Orlando Jones says the university has known about the controversial professor's racist and sexist comments since 2001 and says it's inexcusable no action has been taken to remove Adams.

UNCW issued a statement recently saying, in part, "We are hearing you. We stand firmly against expressions of hatred. We cannot and will not ignore them. The university is reviewing all options in terms of addressing the matter."

Jones says that’s simply not enough.

“19 years later, you, you now want to discuss the clear and present danger; you are absolutely getting ready to take action,” Jones said in an interview Friday. “I’m a southern boy. We always should talk about the difference between fixing to do something, and finna do something. Okay. When are you fixing to do some, you got all this other stuff that you deem more important before you get to it because you fix it. But when you finna to do something, you do it right then because you know it’s just you know what’s right and you know it’s more. So, to, to tell me that I need to just wait a moment while young women get harassed. Okay, more death threats, find more flying monkeys, more freebies, more cyber bullying or trauma, being created on people—why? Because who they are. No, I’m sorry we can’t wait another moment.”

Adams, a criminology professor at UNCW, has defended his right to free speech. So has UNCW.

Jones says Adams’ level of vicious and offensive remarks rises above freedom of speech protection and believes it violates his tenure at the university.

He’s also calling on the officials at UNCW who have known about Adams’ hateful social media posts for years to be held accountable.

“The freedom of speech issue is a misnomer,” Jones says. “He can say whatever he would like. But doxxing someone—particularly a minor—giving that information to a group you call Mike’s flying Monkeys and having them stalk and harass women, faculty, anyone who is not in your neo-confederate alt-right, white-supremacist view point. That’s not protected. And so that person has been protected, however, by other individuals and whomever those individuals are who have seen it fit to do this to these students—they all need to go. For me, Mike is simply the tip of a very poisonous iceberg that needs to be contended with.”

Jones vows to keep sharing this story with his hundreds of thousands of followers on social media.

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