Downtown Wilmington peaceful protest takes the form of yoga

Yoga becomes part of protest event

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A yoga centered protest took place in downtown Wilmington Saturday afternoon.

“A peaceful protest in the form of yoga and movement," said Sesa O’Connor. She works as a yoga instructor at Yoga Salt in Wilmington. "Just to bring a community together to really reflect and be mindful of everything that is happening.”

She and a friend organized the protest.

“I couldn’t sit by while this is all happening," said O’Connor. "So I tried to bring as many people together as I could.”

More than 100 people showed up to the federal courthouse to the protest. Tammie Jones heard about the protest and knew this would be a great way to protest and a healthy way to let out frustration.

“I think meditation is a good way to get your anger out instead of rioting, instead of going around and taking and breaking people’s properties," said Jones. "Because those people have done nothing to us. It’s not about the rioting, it’s about trying to get justice and we’re doing it through peaceful yoga and mediation.”

The protest lasted nearly two hours. Many people thanked and praised O’Connor for leading the protest as they dispersed.

“I mean there’s so much that is happening and I think there’s two very different things happening and a lot of it comes down to an us versus them mentality," said O’Connor. "Whereas I think yoga is able to bring people really together in a sense of unity beyond the body and that’s what’s really beautiful about it.”

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