Governor Cooper announces COVID-19 funds for public health and essential services

NC Governor's News Conference

NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) - Federal funds for COVID-19 relief, to the tune of $85.4 million, will be distributed to more than 60 counties across North Carolina this week.

Funds will be disbursed from the state-administered Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) to counties that have completed certification.

Counties have the flexibility to share monies with their municipalities as needed.

Funds may be used for COVID-19 related expenses at public hospitals and clinics, including testing, personal protective equipment and medical supplies.

Examples of uses for disbursements include defraying the cost of cleaning public areas and facilities, payroll expenses for public safety or healthcare employees, protecting the homeless population, maintaining prisons and more.

Counties will receive a base amount of $250,000 and an additional sum according to population.

The fund was established under the CARES Act and passed by Congress earlier this year.

The North Carolina Pandemic Recovery Office outlines how CRF funds may be used.

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