Wilmington City leaders host virtual COVID-19 town hall meeting for minorities

town hall meeting

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Wilmington City Councilmen Clifford Barnett and Kevin Spears hosted a virtual town hall meeting to discuss COVID-19, Thursday night.

The panel of city leaders talked about a variety of coronavirus-related topics that affect the minority community.

Topics ranged from who should get tested for the virus and how they should do that to how people can get help if they are in need of food or other services.

“You still can't have that party for mama,” said Barnett. “I still can't have fifty people at the house or one hundred people at the house.”

The panelist in the meeting also preached the importance of continuing safety measures when in public.

“You still have to practice social distancing,” said Barnett. “You still have to wear a mask. You still have to do all those things to keep me safe as well as to keep you safe.”

Barnett says the timing of tonight’s meeting is important, to make sure people don’t let their guards down as North Carolina moves into phase two of easing restrictions.

You can watch the town hall meeting by clicking on this link.

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