Spending more time online during pandemic? Be sure to practice good eye health

Optometrists recommend 20/20/20 rule to keep from straining your eyes

Spending more time online during pandemic? Be sure to practice good eye health.

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Optometrists across the state begin to see patients again for routine appointments and eye exams this week, now that Governor Roy Cooper’s stay-at-home order has been lifted and the state is in Phase One of the reopening process. However, expect changes in place at your optometrist’s office.

“There will be new protocols that we have to keep in mind for social distancing for safety for staff and for patients as well,” explained Dr Rasika Whitesell of myeyedr. in Wilmington. "We are asking every patient to go ahead and bring a mask with you to your eye appointment. We do have some in the offices but I know some offices do not, so just go ahead and bring one just in case."

Doctors and staff will wear masks too.

The office also wants patients to call from the parking lot when they arrive for their appoints, as to not crowd the office.

Patients will have their temperature taken before entering the building. If a patient has a temperature higher than 100 degrees, that person will have to reschedule. They will also be asked to fill out a questionnaire before entering the building to assess their Covid risk.

Patients can still try on glasses but they will be disinfected afterwards.

Whitesell said for those who wear contacts, it is more important than ever to practice good hygiene. She advises frequent hand washing. '

And with more children and patients using devices to work or learn from home, Whitesell said it is important to practice the 20/20/20 rule.

“You want to take 20 second rest break for every 20 minutes you’re on the screen,” she said. "Look away at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

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