Beach town now requires masks in indoor public spaces

Beach town now requires masks in indoor public spaces
Surf City requires masks in indoor public places (Source: WECT)

SURF CITY, N.C. (WECT) - As the weeks go on, restrictions on the stay at home order are being relaxed, allowing for people to get back to their normal routines. But the questions of safety are still in the air.

Surf City has become the latest to require face coverings, whenever you go inside of a public space.

“We just wont let anybody in," said Adelaide Farmer, employee at Sweet Island. "If they have to keep their face covered whether it’s a napkin or keep their shirt over their mouth or a mask on, that’s pretty much our rule.”

With Phase one allowing more places to open, town leaders wanted to make sure they could still keep everybody safe.

“I think it’s necessary because anything we can do to stop the spread of the virus, I think is important to keep everybody safe," said Farmer.

However, not everybody is a fan.

“I honestly don’t like wearing a face mask," said Peggy Hutchinson."For one I don’t like things in my face and it makes it harder to breath.”

Some believe wearing a mask should be a personal choice, based on how safe you feel. But Mayor Doug Medlin maintains this is the safest and most feasible option for everybody to live a regular life while still being protected.

Mayor Medlin has said this mask requirement will last for the same amount of time as Phase one. That exact date could come on May 22nd.

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