Charlotte news anchor authors second book on life and motherhood

Kure Beach serves as the backdrop for some of the stories in the book

Charlotte news anchor authors second book on life and motherhood

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A Charlotte news anchor authored her second book about life, work and motherhood, The Juggle is Real: The Off-Camera Life of an On-Camera Mom.

Molly Grantham released the book online at over the weekend. Unlike her first book, Small Victories, this book’s release comes without signings that would normally accompany an author announcing a new work. The coronavirus means there won’t be the opportunity to meet fans and promote the book in person. However, Grantham said it felt like the right time to release the book, just a week before Mother’s Day.

The book picks up where her first work left off.

“I wrote the first one when I was on maternity leave with my second child,” she said. “It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t plan to write a book while I was on maternity leave but I did it because I was missing myself. It was hard being at home for me and I love my job and I love my kids. I feel blessed to have a daughter and a son and a career and all of those things are pieces of me; one is not like the other two but all her pieces of me.”

She said her first book started with posts on Facebook to help her keep her sanity.

“I really missed the piece of me that was in editorial meetings and having adult conversations,” she said. “Almost to save my own sanity, I started to write on Facebook, ‘Showered today! Small victory!’ And I thought I was crazy for putting it out there but it was just to get the thought out of my head and to the world outside. Then, people were responding.”

That led to weekly blog posts on Facebook about motherhood and more.

After 30 months, she found she had a book.

“A couple months ago, I was wondering what month 31 was because now I’m on month 56,” she said.

When Grantham looked back, she realized that’s the month she lost her mother to breast cancer.

“We were in the hospice house and I was seeing her through my children’s eyes,” she said. "I realized there’s a story here about the circle of life."

Grantham has a strong connection to Kure Beach, where her family vacationed when she was a child. Her love for Kure Beach never diminished. She married her husband at Fort Fisher and still spends a lot of her off-camera downtime in the coastal community.

Her mother’s memorial service a few months after her death was at Kure Beach.

“My mom was a hippie,” Grantham smiled as describing her. “She didn’t have a traditional life and she didn’t have a traditional desire to be remembered in a funeral service. So, when she passed three years ago, one of the last things she said to me before she went into a coma was, ‘I want to have you get my five best girlfriends from my life and I want you to call them the Angels and bring the five angels to Kure Beach and spread my ashes.’ It took two months after her death three years ago but we ended up being able to have the angels and her immediate family to have a really beautiful remarkable different celebration of life."

Grantham’s book celebrates life - the downs and ups, the heartbreak and the triumphs of balancing motherhood with a demanding career.

“It is not a book I thought about for years and years,” she said. “It’s just life. I just have started to become excited and enjoy writing that down. Life is nuts and trying to document it has been a joy."

Grantham’s book is available for purchase on her website or on Amazon.

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