Officer alleges police chief made lewd remarks to women; closed meeting scheduled

Officer alleges police chief made lewd remarks to women; closed meeting scheduled

BOILING SPRING LAKES, N.C. (WECT) - Boiling Spring Lakes commissioners have called a closed session meeting to discuss a “personnel matter involving the police department,” just days after receiving a complaint from a member of the department alleging sexual harassment and uneven discipline polices by the new chief of police.

WECT has obtained a copy of the email sent to commissioners April 29. The author said he was reaching out to them after appealing to City Manager Jeff Repp without success. Repp declined to comment about the situation to us, saying it was a personnel matter.

The department member’s primary complaint is about “Chief (Greg) Jordan and his sexual degrading remarks towards the females employed by the department.”

The email goes on to describe two specific incidents.

In the first, the complainant alleges he heard Chief Jordan make a sexually suggestive comment about his attraction to one of the female officers in front of two male police department subordinates.

On a separate occasion, the complainant says the chief made a lewd comment to the same female officer in front of at least three other co-workers.

The author of the email wrote that he has been aware Jordan made concerning remarks to another female employee, but did not personally witness that alleged incident.

“I believe these girls are afraid to make a complaint because their careers would be in jeopardy,” the email to commissioners reads.

WECT left a voicemail and sent an email to Jordan Monday requesting comment about the allegations, but he did not immediately respond. This story will be updated with his response as soon as it is received.

The email to city commissioners also raises concerns about uneven disciplinary measures taken against members of the force for similar infractions. The officer writes about his own recent demotion which he believes was unjust. He also details fallout from a TikTok video featuring several Boiling Spring Police Officers in uniform lips syncing and dancing to a song.

The video appears to violate the "prohibited content” section of the department’s social media policy.

One of the officers in the video was fired, but her supervisor, who is also in the video flipping off the camera, was given a written reprimand but did not lose his job.

WECT has spoken to three people connected to the department on background, who declined to go on the record for fear it would cost them their job or hurt their future job prospects.

Two of them said they have personally witnessed the inappropriate sexual comments to female department members, while the third said they had not personally witnessed that. Two also told us about concerns of uneven discipline for similar infractions.

City Manager Jeff Repp said he did not expect any kind of public statement following Tuesday’s closed session personnel meeting, but thought a statement of some kind would be available on Wednesday.

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