Cat and deer become friends through window

Cat and deer become friends through window
Vance, the cat, and the deer, now called Maria, instantly become friends (Source: Johnnie sexton)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - At a time when most of us are keeping our distance, certainly from strangers, two animals are creating an unusual bond--through a window.

Vance and Henry, two American Shorthairs, live at a home in Raleigh with lots of windows. They love to look out. On Sunday, a deer decided it wanted to look in.

The cats' owner says his "boys," one in particular, instantly made friends with the unexpected guest.

"I looked out the dining room window and that deer's face was literally in the window just looking in and Vance saw that deer and immediately ran over to the dining room window and put his paws up and just stayed there--kind of in a playful mood," says Johnnie Sexton, the cats's owner. "The deer would move and Vance would follow the deer to kind of continue this attempt at communication. His brother Henry is a little bit shyer and was on the sidelines but Vance really was talking to the animals."

Sexton, who lives inside the beltline in Raleigh says occasionally a herd of deer may come through the yard, but its unusual. He truly believes his cat, Vance, has the ability to communicate with other animals. He’s almost certain that’s what happened Sunday.

“If you listen--the audio is on--you can hear Vance doing something I’ve never heard him do before and that was some vocalizations that was directed at the deer. The deer was so entranced with Vance and would get closer to the window and put his nose on the window,” he said. “And then the deer laid down in front of the window and just hung out for an hour.”

The just found extra footage of Vance and Maria.

Posted by Xris Kessler on Monday, May 4, 2020

The video is quickly going viral. Sexton, a pediatric audiologist, says he never expected it to be seen on social media as much as it has but says he’s happy his cats are helping people smile in the midst of a pandemic.

“I think this came along when all of us needed something peaceful, non-controversial, just sit and enjoy," Sexton says. "And how fortunate we were that it happened here. I watch it several times a day because it just brings about joy and peace. I think its what we all maybe needed for a moment in time.”

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