High school basketball recruiting taking hit because of coronavirus

AAU basketball recruiting

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) -With AAU tournaments postponed or canceled because of the coronavirus, high school basketball players are missing out on opportunities to be seen by college coaches.

The lack of exposure is forcing high school players to make tough decisions about their future.

“A lot of them are facing ‘Do I go prep school or go to Junior College?’” said Nathan Faulk of Flight 22. “Some will try to reclassify to continue this process so they can be recruited.”

Another challenge for recruits is that they are not able to visit schools to see if they like the location and campus.

“Kids are maybe having to choose what school they want to go to without ever visiting the campus,” said Faulk. "I have told several the last couple weeks they need to go on their website and do their virtual tour and everything they have on their website.”

One of those players feeling the pinch is Laney rising senior Makoa Surigao. He’s missing important time in front of college coaches.

“Now we would have settled into the routine of playing every other weekend,” said Surigao. “For my teammates, that routine is important when trying to play in gain interest from coaches.”

It is also affecting college coaches because they aren’t able to travel and see players. They are relying on high school and AAU coaches' recommendations.

“They’re calling you with the utmost trust they’ve ever had,” said Faulk. “I’ve had the most phone calls in the last five or six weeks that I have ever during this time of the year.”

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