Families struggle to maintain while awaiting stimulus checks

Families struggle to maintain while awaiting stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks (Source: WIS)

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - Millions of Americans have already received their stimulus checks. But there are also millions, who have yet to see the money in their bank account.

If you’re out of work, you know helpful the government stimulus check will be to pay bills, no matter how much it is.

But problems with tax filing companies and banks have caused some checks to get sent back to the IRS, forcing families to wait that much longer for support.

Laurie Eubanks has been waiting on her stimulus check since April 15th. The company she filed taxes through uses MetaBank, a third-party bank to take out their cut of the money.

But the entire 1700 she was supposed to get went to the temporary account instead of your personal account.

“You get overly excited when you hear its coming then when you actually have a date on the website that its being deposited in your account," said Eubanks. "Electricity, groceries, rent, all of that is anticipated. Kind of gave false promises to the landlord then you have to go back on it, it’s tough.”

Eubanks is a single mother of two. She’s technically an essential worker, but her job is only doing emergency operations for now, which cut her hours significantly.

So, to help bring in a little extra money, her 18-year-old daughter is continuing to work at Walmart.

“If I had it my way, I wouldn’t have her working at all because of this but I would be working full time but we have to have money coming in," said Eubanks. "For me to have my money fund groceries and essentials, it’s tough. It’s something you should never have to do.”

Timothy Edge has a similar story. Edge says he went to the IRS website and saw his checks was supposed to be one of the first out.

“It shows the last four of my account number, doesn’t show all of my account number but shows the last four as being deposited in April," said Edge. "My bank hasn’t received it but I’ve been on the phone with them every day.”

Both timothy and his wife have been out of work because of the coronavirus. Of course, everybody has their struggles, but timothy has gone in the negatives to make sure the bills are paid.

And he’s waiting every day, to get the support he needs.

“I’ve got house payments, grocery bills, light bill, I’ve had to defer my house payment last month and here we come on a second month," said Edge. "I’ve got bills just like everybody else and we could use it. It’s a must, we could use it.”

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