New Hanover County working to make parks safer

Park safety

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Gyms are closed due to the coronavirus, but people are still finding other ways to workout.

Spring temperatures have more people flocking to the parks across New Hanover County.

Recently New Hanover County has placed signs for your safety along its trails and sidewalks.

“We do have directional signs around the parks to encouraging people to go in the same direction,” said Tara Duckworth the Director of New Hanover County Parks and Gardens. “We hope people will be in tune with that and just self-aware and keep your distance from one another.”

When walking or riding it’s important to pass slower traffic on the correct side.

“We pass on the left kind of the same rule of thumb you use in your vehicle,” said Duckworth. “Use that while you were on the sidewalk or the trail.”

Bike riders need to make themselves known to walkers.

“If bikers can say they are coming up and approaching and make them aware that they are there and say passing on your left so people can know that you're behind them,” said Duckworth.

Most people don’t have any problems following the new rules

“I do try to put that distance and that's just become a part of life for me,” said Gwen Henderson.

“Most people adhere to that,” added Katherine Kafer. “Except for a few. I just go out in the woods. People are being pretty good about staying a distance.”

While the parks remain open the public restrooms are still closed.

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