Cape Fear area urgent care center offers in-car medical visits

Drive through doctors

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Stores and restaurants aren’t the only groups working to adapt in the face of COVID-19.

Many areas have utilized drive-thru sites for people to be tested for the coronavirus. Masonboro Urgent Care has run with that concept and is also extending in-car visits for all of their patients.

The world doesn’t stop spinning during a pandemic; kids still break bones, home chefs still cut and burn themselves testing new recipes in the kitchen and people still suffer from aches and pains.

Patients can call ahead, get checked in over the phone, pull in to the white tent out front and be seen by nurses and doctors.

Telehealth is a popular option, but sometimes there’s no better substitute than seeing the doctor face to face. Unlike online visits, during in-car care, medical providers are able to check blood pressure, take your temperature and conduct tests.

“People love it. They like to be seen in their car. They feel secure in their car. And we like it too because it’s very safe for us as providers because it’s a nice well ventilated atmosphere. So I think it’s a good thing," said Dr. Mitch Meyer, the medical director at Masonboro Urgent Care.

The office also has a separate setup on the back side of the building to discretely care for patients that have the symptoms of COVID-19.

“Most people don’t have COVID and they need to be seen. They need to be seen at a low risk place and I think that’s our place," said Dr. Meyer. "Several would have ended up at ER, but we have x-ray and can do blood tests.”

Staff says a lot of people are anxious to seek medical care as the virus continues to spread. Many hospitals are seeing a drop in heart attack and stroke emergencies and professionals believe its because most people are more likely to suffer at home than go to a hospital or doctors office out of fear of the virus.

“People certainly need to be looked after, even more so now. Our philosophy is ‘excellence in urgent care’ because excellence honors God and it honors people. So when the pandemic comes, its not time to stop. Its time to double down and do the work we need to do," said Dr. Meyer.

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