Work continues keeps up with athletic fields at UNCW

UNCW keeping fields up

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Because of the coronavirus, no games have been played on any of the athletic fields at UNCW but they still need to be maintained.

Drew Hall, UNCW Director of Grounds and Sports Turf, is still hard at work making taking care of the facilities. One thing Hall doesn’t have to worry about while mowing Brooks Field is social distancing.

“It does get lonely,” said Hall. “The six-foot thing is what it is, but this field is 2.5 acres and outside of today I am the only one out here. So, I am doing great social distancing.”

He might be working all alone, but that hasn’t changed the enjoyment he gets from his job.

“You actually get to slow down a little bit,” said Hall. “You're not going one hundred miles an hour like you would on game days getting ready for practices and stuff like that. It is nice being able to slow down a little bit and actually enjoy being out here.”

If there is one bright side not dealing with games, he’s been able to complete some projects ahead of schedule.

“Raising some irrigation heads and doing some other stuff that we would normally have to do in the summer after the season,” said Hall. “Or try to work around camps or whatever we might have going on the fields.”

The work he’s doing now will save him hours once teams are ready to get back on the fields.

“When this all passes over and teams want to get back to normalcy it would be an extra month or two to get the field back in shape if we let the fields just go during the pandemic,” Hall said.

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