Drive-in Easter services go on as scheduled for Wilmington churches

Drive-in church services

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Easter church services went on as planned Sunday morning after WPD warned against them in hopes of preventing possible spread of the coronavirus.

For congregations all over, Easter Sunday, is a day that religious groups are well known for coming together. But, even though they can’t give out hugs and shake hands, those same groups have found ways to celebrate what they believe in.

Many congregations have adopted drive-in worship services in order to feel connected through these hard times. Covenant Church used an FM transmitter, to make it easier on the congregation to hear. Cars were parked six feet apart, but that didn’t stop anybody from waving and honking as they said Happy Easter to their friends.

“It meant that I could get up and worship my lord in a semi normal manner," said Doris Shivar, church member. "Just coming out to the building, seeing people even sitting in their cars is important. Being barricaded at home we don’t see each other.”

That opportunity was almost taken away, after churches were initially told they weren’t allowed to hold drive-in services. Now that they are, it’s given them one more thing to be thankful for.

We’ve heard it over and over again, nobody has ever seen anything like the coronavirus pandemic. However, Pastor Jaime Mendez said he can relate what everybody is going through now, to biblical times.

“If anything, I believe that the coronavirus has given us a good picture of this. We celebrate somebody who was supposed to stay inside but didn’t," said Mendez.

Mendez said, religious communities thrive off of interpersonal relationships during spiritual celebrations as these. But he believes this time apart will bring new gratefulness once everybody can once again come together.

“We don’t realize that we’ve taken those things for granted," said Mendez. "But then being able to get together even in the parking to for 30 mins to be able to worship together but still being able to look past all that stuff and just being thankful and grateful that we’re able to worship as a community.”

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