NFL draft hopeful working out at home in Elizabethtown

NFL draft hopeful

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.C. (WECT) - If it wasn’t for the coronavirus, Larrell Murchison would be back at N.C. State preparing for the NFL draft on April 23-25.

Instead, he’s at home in Elizabethtown trying to stay ready and working out at a home gym. Murchison knows if he wants to play professional football, he can’t take any days off.

“You always have to count on yourself,” said Murchison. “If it’s a weight program anywhere you are. It's always you that must put the work in. Either way, I'm going to do what I am supposed to do.”

After graduating from East Bladen High School, Murchison didn’t sign to play for a division one school and believes all of his hard work and determination has him on the right path to playing in the NFL.

“I went the JUCO route and that's not the normal way for most people,” Murchison said. “To come from a small school like Louisburg College is big for me. We all have dreams and aspirations of playing in the NFL. That's one of my big ones so to accomplish that would mean everything.”

The NFL has closed all team and league offices because of COVID-19. That’s not stopping teams from talking to prospects. They are taking advantage of technology, interviewing players over video chats.

“Of course, I was looking forward to going to the different facilities and different stadiums,” said Murchison. “Traveling to different cities and states. Do you know everything happens for a reason? These virtual FaceTime and Zoom interviews are working out for me and are going pretty good.”

During the interview, team coaches and general managers are trying to find out what type of person he is.

“I’ve talked to a few teams and they ask me about my background and where I’m from and what I do outside of football,” Murchison said. “I am a boring person. I’m just around my family. They are trying to figure out how much football knowledge I have.”

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