‘Having a wedding right now wouldn’t be normal’: Raleigh couple postpones Easter Wilmington wedding

Raleigh couple postpones Easter Wilmington wedding

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - David Garcia and Illa Jones, like many couples all over the world, had to put a hold on their big day.

With the CDC recommending no more than 10 people together at once, the Raleigh couple pulled the plug on their April 11 wedding.

“Springtime in Wilmington is beautiful so that’d be perfect," said Jones. "There was a date and we were going to do an Easter weekend because that was all they had available and it was going to be perfect for everyone.”

Garcia grew up in Wilmington and the couple got engaged last summer while visiting Jones’ family in Charleston, SC.

The two met over four years ago while in school in Raleigh.

“We just kind of ran into each other,” said Jones. “I never really thought it’d last until now, but here we are.”

Now, their spring wedding plans have turned into summer wedding plans; the couple moved their ceremony and reception to August.

“We had just paid all the vendors," said Garcia "It was all due one month before."

“We got all our RSVPs,” said Jones. "We texted everyone, ‘you need to RSVP because you haven’t yet.’ We were pretty much in the home stretch at that point.”

The couple had everything set when the coronavirus began spreading in the Tar Heel state.

“The CDC put out the warning that said no more than 50 people at a time can meet,” said Jones. “Our venue emailed us saying.”

That’s when Jones and Garcia decided to go the safe route and postpone their big day.

“Thinking if I put anyone who came to my wedding in a hospital because I had an event where people were together," said Jones. "I’d be thinking, ‘well maybe if they didn’t come to my wedding than this wouldn’t have happened.’ That feeling would have been way worse than just having, or moving, the wedding.”

Once the couple made the tough decision, they said the rest sort of fell into place.

“Our vendors and venue have been really flexible," said Garcia. "We’re really thankful. They’ve been really considerate and understanding in this whole situation.”

They’re still waiting on some money back from airlines and they had booked a honeymoon in western Europe. They plan to send out new invites and may need to buy some fans to keep guests cool in the Wilmington heat, but other than that, they said the process was worth keeping their friends and family safe and healthy.

“If my grandma couldn’t be at wedding, that would just break my heart,” said Jones. “Nothing’s normal so having a wedding right now wouldn’t be normal anyway.”

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