Leland doggy daycare stays open to support essential workers and their dogs

Leland doggy daycare stays open to support essential workers and their dogs

LELAND, N.C. (WECT) - While many essential workers, like nurses, doctors, and grocery store workers, are working long, tireless hours to keep communities safe and healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, a local pet resort and day care is staying open to lend a helping hand.

Magnolia Bed and Biscuit in Leland has seen their fair share of loss since the stay-at-home order went into effect a few weeks ago.

“People calling with cancellations because their reservations and flights were being canceled so that was the first hit that we took and we know that would be a side of the business that would be affected," said owner Bryan Ball.

But despite that loss, Ball remains open to help those on the front lines.

“The nurses, the doctors, the janitors, the staff that keep the hospitals clean and healthy," said Ball. "As well as first responders; the police department, the people doing 24 shifts, the fire department. They’re still bringing their dogs to socialize since they can’t get out and take care of them and their needs.”

Sonia Kennedy works in the healthcare field. She has two, energetic dogs that are cooped on in her house while she works long shifts.

“When they go to daycare, they’re typically doing anywhere between 13 and 18 miles a day when they go there," said Kennedy. “Neighbors help a lot, but they aren’t going to be able to exercise your dog and give it the type of attention that they do at a place like Magnolia bed and biscuits.”

Ball says it’s important for dogs to get exercise and play with other dogs, but that’s hard to do if their owner works all day.

“Dogs still need to get out, exercise," said Ball. “It’s healthy for the dogs. They thrive with others.”

“No matter how much I throw the ball in the backyard with them or how much they run around with each other, they can’t get over three or four miles,” said Kennedy. “I can just tell that their sleep habits are different and that their personalities. Getting to be around other dogs is something that I think that’s good for them.”

Ball and the employees of Magnolia Bed and Biscuit are taking extra precautions to stay healthy. They pick up and drop off the dogs using a curbside service and follow all of the CDC guidelines to keep the business open.

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