Brunswick Family Assistance tries to keep food on shelves

Brunswick Family Assistance tries to keep food on shelves

SHALLOTTE, N.C. (WECT) - Usually food pantries and assistance groups are the one helping families, not the one’s who are asking from help. But since the coronavirus has forced many people out of jobs the increased need is causing Brunswick Family Assistance’s stock to fall low.

“We’re not only seeing an increase in clients we’re seeing on a regular basis but a number of new clients," said Stephanie Bowen, Executive Director of Brunswick Family Assistance. "People who’ve never needed us before who all of a sudden have found themselves in a crisis and now need us.”

Eartis and Deana Evans have a family of eight and they need the help now more than ever. They’ve been getting help from BFA for a while but this months food pickup means a little more.

Work has slowed down and the question of where their next meal will come from has been answered because of BFA.

“Every bit counts, even if it was just an apple," said Eartis Evans.

BFA has made changes to their policies for food pickups from once a month, to two. On an average month they see about five new families, once the pandemic started, they saw an influx of 15 new families just in the first two weeks. They’ve had to turn to the county to ask for money just to keep their shelves stocked.

“If they don’t have the funding to help us out or people like us or other people in need then it makes it hard for us to be able to continue on when you’re not able to work,” said Deana Evans.

The non-profit understands the amount of people who rely on them and say as long as they’re able, the doors will stay open. They’re committed to helping people like the Evans family whenever they reach out.

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