“Faith over fear, hope over hopelessness,” groups join forces to feed 300 families

Groups join forces to feed families

SHALLOTTE, N.C. (WECT) - Highest Praise Church and Purple Onion have come together to provide meals for families at no cost. Before they open for business, a long line of cars forms right outside with families eager to get the help they need,

Food for 300 families has been prepared. BBQ, green beans, mac and cheese and bread roll. It’s the full spread to take care of anybody who needs it.

“There’s a lot of need that people don’t know," said Cadida Reyes, a church member There’s a lot of people out there with no jobs, no food right now... people should not go hungry, we’re here to bless them.”

Everybody is being served, regardless of whether they’re a member of the church or not. But organizers didn’t expect to see so many people when they first started. It’s an eye-opening experience for them to see cars full of families and seniors go by, including some familiar faces.

“You’re in your own little world so you go from point A to point B and it’s like you’re seeing little snippets of the county right here in one place and there’s a need across the whole board,” said Megan Reaves, Purple Onion Marketing Director.

The distribution is about sharing both food and faith, hoping to lift spirits and encourage everybody to keep pushing on.

“We’re trying to spread faith over fear," said Jordan Lancaster, Executive Pastor. "Hope over hopelessness and just bring joy back to people and it’s so encouraging to see that happen.”

This all started after a couple’s wedding was cancelled because of the coronavirus and they asked Purple Onion, the catering business, to use the money for those in need. Since then the support and donations have kept pouring in, so much that this will continue on Wednesday’s and Sunday’s through April.

If you too would like to help and donate, Purple Onion can be reached at 910.755.6642 ext. 2 or megan@artcateringevents.com

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