Truck drivers losing out on shipments due to slow production from overseas

Virus effects on trucking

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - While it seems coronavirus has the world coming to a halt, essential workers like truck drivers are still cruising forward.

The problem is though, while jobs are still on the books, work is slowing down which is creating concerns for the future at Port City Transportation.

“Most of the manufacturing for electronics and anything related to that comes from China," said Jonathan Edwards. "When everything happened, they closed everything over there, so the majority of stuff being made was stopped so then there was nothing to ship.”

On staff, the trucking company has 15 truck drivers. Shipments have been slow coming causing many of them have been sitting at home for a week.

Eldrick Sutton has been driving for years and has family in the business as well. Some of them have been out of work for a month, but he’s blessed he’s still able to hit the road.

“One load a week two loads a week, maybe no loads at all," said Sutton. "We have to reevaluate our life and try to see what we can do different to try and maintain.”

Part of trying to maintain not only includes their normal life but on the highways as well. Truck stops have completely closed down, a vital part of any truckers habits.

Those same stops are what drivers rely on for showers, laundry and bathrooms during long trips.

“Hand sanitizer is one of the biggest things I’m carrying in my truck right now," said Sutton. “Any types of wipes, switching shirts daily.”

On when they finally get to their destination, customers are telling them to stay in their vehicles.

"Not allowing you to get out of the truck anymore, walking up to the truck and basically handing your paperwork through the window asking if you have hand sanitizer.”

It’s been a tough road so far but come May, they’re hoping business will be back to normal.

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