Recovering from COVID-19: New Yorker shares tale from hard hit city

Man recovers from Covid-19

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - As southeastern North Carolina now has coronavirus cases in every county, hard-hit areas like New York City are beginning to share stories of recovery.

Colin Hackman spoke with one of the first people to be diagnosed with COVID-19 in New York; it was a childhood friend of Hackman’s who he’s known for thirty years.

Doug Lipsky is now recovering after his own weeks of quarantine and going through the process of sharing his diagnosis with friends and family who then had to quarantine as well.

Lipsky said"

“I felt bad that even though I did everything right I brought this into my home. Now my daughter and wife were at risk. Just that angry feeling. I thought I was really safe, I went out minimally, I was wearing gloves going out but somehow I still contracted it. They called me up and told me I tested positive and they were fantastic. They walked me through what the family needs to do, so one of the big things is for me to let people know who have been around me that I tested positive so that they could then quarantine for 14 days. The progression of the fever, the headaches. The headaches were really bad. Your whole body just feels really dehydrated. The headache just stays with you from when you wake up to when you go to sleep. You take Tylenol, and it helps a little, but it just knocks you off your feet. Whenever I came out to see my wife or baby girl I had to wear a face mask, gloves, thankfully my daughter thought it was funny. Meanwhile my wife and daughter had to be quarantined for 14 days, which ends today. Not that there is anything for us to go out and do, but thankfully we are out of the woods now.”

You can watch Colin’s full interview with Lipsky here.

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