Vet services go curbside to limit inside foot traffic of pet owners

Vet services go curbside to limit inside foot traffic of pet owners
Vet services have gone to curbside services to limit foot traffic of pet owners inside the building. (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - College Road Animal Hospital, like many other businesses have had to make some serious adjustments because of the coronavirus.

The times of pet owners walking in to get help is no more. Now, they pull in to the parking lot, make a call to the front desk and wait until somebody comes pick up their animal or give them a prescription.

“It definitely adds a degree of complexity,” said Dr. Joshua Hower. "Our jobs as vets is to be very perceptive and very intuitive with the animal but also really interpreting the way the owner is describing this and what they see at home. A lot of history we get from the owner whether we get it from the room or over the phone we have to read into.”

Hower said most of their diagnosis’ now come from phone calls, which can be tricky at times. Inside of the hospital, at times they have to be shoulder to shoulder, but Hower said they try to maintain a safe space throughout the day.

When it comes to PPE, Hower said they’re doing fine at the moment, but with shortages nationwide, they’re trying not to use any gear unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Many people have also wondered if their pets can get the coronavirus. According to Dr. Hower, they can.

There have been a couple of pets with the virus, but they weren’t diagnosed in the United States and they showed no signs of any symptoms or passing it to humans.

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