Wilmington couple tries to find way home from Peru

Wilmington couple tries to find way home from Peru

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Helen and Micah Grubb of Wilmington had dreamed about going to Peru their entire lives.

Just days after they landed in Cusco, Peru on March 13, the trip become a nightmare.

On March 15, the government of Peru announced they were locking down the country, giving visitors just 24 hours to leave.

Helen and Micah where in the airport the next morning trying to get on a fight to the United States. After hours of waiting, they were told they wouldn’t be able to find a fight that day.

“We had been planning this trip since the fall,” said Helen. “My mom worked for the CDC so I had been checking all the travel advisories leading up to us leaving.”

After being stuck in the country for nearly a week and a half, on Thursday, an opportunity opened up to go home. Micah got an email saying that he had a seat booked on a flight Friday out of Peru. Helen was told that she would have to try to get on the flight by waiting stand by.

On Friday, 106 of the 188 people with tickets came to the airport giving Helen hope she would make it on the plane.

While the couple eagerly waited for travel officials to call Helen’s name, she didn’t make it on the flight. Her husband wasn’t leaving without her, so they had to make a decision.

"Then we heard a couple people back, about an older couple in the same situation,” said Helen. “Only the wife had a ticket and a husband didn’t.”

Helen and Micah decided they wanted to give Micah’s ticket to the husband so the couple could both leave Peru.

“We just asked the embassy if it was possible for us to give her husband Micah’s ticket so that they could travel together," said Helen.

The Grubbs continue to hold out hope that they will both be able to get on a fight home soon.

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