Wilmington family sets up Christmas tree to spread cheer during pandemic

Christmas in March

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - You might have heard of Christmas in July, but how about Christmas in March?

The McKee family set up their Christmas tree in the living room Wednesday afternoon after their 3-year-old grandson came up with the idea to brighten a time where many people are forced to stay inside and keep their distance from one another.

While the living room is decked out with heirloom angels, holiday trains and other Christmas decorations, the theme of this tree isn’t so traditional.

The child and his grandmother have been making paper angels to adorn the tree in honor of loved ones and people around the world fighting COVID-19. A paper cutout of the toddler’s hand also decorates the tree, reminding people to wash their hands.

The grandmother says seeing the cheery decorations makes “her heart happy" in what many consider a turbulent time.

“It passes time by. When you’re in that moment and you’re doing these things with your family and your loved ones, it just takes your mind away from everything that’s going on in the world," grandmother Beulah McKee says. “Maybe you can put out your boxes of ornaments and remember happy times in the past, special Christmases you had or special times when your family was together where now you cant do that because of isolation.”

The McKees aren’t the only ones digging out their holiday decorations. People around the nation have shared photos of elaborate Christmas light displays to share hope and put smiles on people’s faces during the pandemic. Some even hope to inspire families to load up into their cars and enjoy the displays while still observing social distancing guidelines.

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