Games are over, but NCAA coaches and players continue routines

Games are over, but NCAA coaches and players continue routines
UNCW women's golf

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Covid-19 has turned everything, including how the NCAA operates, upside down.

Entire seasons have been canceled leaving student athletes and coaching staff's wondering what happens next

“We never had closure," said UNCW women’t head coach Cindy Ho. "I haven’t seen them since except for a couple of players. It just kind of turned it upside down but trying to make sure the players are ok, you know their families, how’s everyone doing, just doing the best we can and the same thing as recruiting, doing a lot of either Skype, FaceTime, emailing, texting with 2021′s, any transfers you know things like that.”

With one of the more international rosters on campus, the novel coronavirus is truly a global concern for Cindy Ho, who’s parents also live abroad.

“There are alums, and yes I’m very worried, a lot of them, two of them were from Spain, two Spanish players, one of them is from Madrid, her whole entire family is there, the other one just had a baby," Ho said. "My parents are in their mid-late eighties in Canada, so you feel kind of helpless being this far away.”

Student athletes participating in spring sports at NCAA Division I schools like UNCW have been granted another year of eligibility - but bringing international players back to their schools in a time of so much uncertainty may not be as cut and dry.

“I wouldn’t say worried, obviously I have concerns but we’ll cross that road when we have to and I’m hoping by that time things will have settled down a little bit," Ho said.

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