Burgaw grocery store doing whatever it takes to fill shelves

Grocery stores doing whatever it takes to fill shelves

BURGAW, N.C. (WECT) - Going shopping today isn’t like it was when the year first started. Shelves are consistently empty. New shipments are coming in, but items aren’t sitting on the shelf very long.

“We’re just trying to keep product on the shelves, but that’s easier said than done,” said Piggly Wiggly manager Brandon Toro.

Instead of relying on their normal shipments, they’ve had to branch out to other sources to be able to provide for their customers.

“You can’t just order what you want, the warehouses got you on allocation," said Toro. "It’s pushed us into a position where we have to start outsourcing and getting product wherever we can.”

The demand is high on just about everything. Unlike a hurricane, it’s not just specific products people are stocking up on, everything is flying off the shelves.

“Toilet paper, hand sanitizer, Clorox wipes, Lysol wipes.”

They’re not always sure what they’ll be getting from their warehouse. But a decrease in supplies isn’t the only difference, there’s also been an increase in new hires, a rarity at a time like this. The new employees are mainly to do a deep cleaning of the store to prevent any possible spread of the coronavirus.

“We want to keep the safety of our staff number one," said Toro. "Also the safety of our customers and in order to do that you have to bring in more customers.”

Toro said what used to be three shipments a week, has turned into two, but only if they’re on time.

Grocery stores are one of the few shops to remain open as many other businesses shut down across the state. Toro says he’s thankful the store has been able to restock as much as they have. And is confident they’ll be able to last through the duration of COVID-19.

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