Elizabethtown officials partner with restaurants to establish curbside pick-up

Elizabethtown officials partner with restaurants to establish curbside pick-up

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.C. (WECT) - Town leaders in Elizabethtown are working with restaurants to help them facilitate curbside pick-up by creating makeshift drive-thru services.

Several restaurants were given blue tents and signage to place outside their doors in an accessible parking area. The idea is that customers can call in and pick up an order without every having to go inside the establishment.

“A lot of our restaurants have been here for some many generations, others are very new to our community, but they are all impacted by this predicament,” says town manager Eddie Madden. “So we’re reaching out to each of them equally trying to help as much as we can where we can.”

It’s just one way the town is helping local eateries impacted by the social distancing guidelines.

“This is an amazing community. It’s a smaller community, a lot of people know each other and they know they have to have each others back,” says co-owner of Melvin’s, Randy Harris. We can’t wait around and wait for somebody to write a big check somewhere. We have to take care of business here locally."

The only restrictions for getting a tent are that the restaurant can’t already have a drive through window, and each property has enough space to safely put up the tent.

The restaurants currently taking advantage of the offer include:

  • San Jose Mexican Restaurant
  • El Patron
  • Christopher’s Steakhouse and Seafood
  • Burney’s Sweets & More
  • Glenda’s and Melvin’s (curbside pick-up is in the parking lot behind the Broad Street business)
  • Giorgio’s already has a drive-thru window
  • Barefoot’s Sandwich Shoppe has a walk-up window under the pavilion of the Farmer’s Market.

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