Drive-in worship service brings congregation together while staying apart

Drive-in worship service brings congregation together while staying apart

SOUTHPORT, N.C. (WECT) - As social distancing is the new normal and restrictions are placed on group gatherings, churches are looking to bring the word of God to their congregations in a way that brings people together while we must stay apart.

But how about pulling in to church on Sunday morning, you don’t have to worry about getting out of your car, never mind finding a good seat.

Without online streaming options, faced with the realities of social distancing, the congregation at Sonrise Baptist Church is bringing back an old way of life.

“The restaurants were having takeout, no dining in and so I thought about maybe what a blessing it would be to have a drive-in church service," said Rodney Cox, Pastor of Sonrise Baptist.

"I come to mind used to be drive in theaters where people would stay in their cars and watch a movie. We’re practicing social distancing but still at the same time you got people that’s around and still trying to have service and trying to honor what’s being asked of us to do in the society and the community.”

One by one they pulled in, filling the parking lot with cars full of people, dogs, babies and bibles. Members saying they prefer this type of service to one online.

“You can get ready for service, you can gather everybody in one room and get dressed like you’re going to church, but it’s just not the same thing, it’s not the same feeling."

From the porch of the church the choir sang, and the preacher preached. And when the holy spirit hit, the congregation honked their horns instead of clapping. Pastor Cox says people just want a little normalcy back in their lives.

“They’re not giving up and they’re continuing to go on and being proactive and trying to have a little bit of being normal in life with the spread of the Coronavirus.”

Pastor Cox says this could be the first of many drive-thru services to come. He likes it better than Facebook Live sermons and says it gives both he and the congregation the chance to gather like family through these tough times

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