Garden centers are providing the perfect place for social distancing while adding some normalcy

Garden Centers See Business Boom

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - While many places have closed up shop,there are a few places still open that will give you something to do, while not worrying about coming in close contact with people.

The Plant Place has been open for more than 40 years. With temperatures warming and many people confined to their homes, people are looking for things to do around the house. Shopping for spring flowers brings some normalcy to life.

“Getting flowers and working in the earth with the children is so stress free and I think that’s the positiveness out of what’s going on,” said Dee Ivey, store manager.

The company has 34 greenhouses filled with flowers, herbs and soon vegetables too. In fact, Bobbi Edwards, the owner says for gardeners, this is the perfect time to get creative.

“It gives them time to sit and think about what they want to do for their gardens," said Edwards. "They can get outside in the garden.”

The influx of customers over the past few weeks has come faster than those of recent years. A bog reason is because people want something to do as they sit at home and try to ward off the Coronavirus by quarantining. But, other reasons could be their home grown products or the local familiarity customers have with the ever growing company.

They’re also trying to practice good habits like social distancing and the 6-foot rule. They have plenty of space to do that while allowing for life to go on.

“It’s a very safe environment here, it’s beautiful its good for the soul.," said Ivey. It gives us peace and hope everything is going to be okay.”

Edwards said she’s glad they can provide some happiness in peoples lives during a time when so many are worried. And with so many industries suffering right now, they’re grateful for the business.

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