UPDATE: Quarantined cruise ship passenger with Wilmington ties heading home

UPDATE: Quarantined cruise ship passenger with Wilmington ties heading home

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, some good news for the passengers aboard a cruise ship under quarantine now for two weeks. They learned Wednesday evening that France is going to allow them to dock there after being turned away from several ports of entry.

“We’re going home,” Kelly Edge said with excitement in a video sent to WECT Wednesday night. “We just got the news that France said yes so we’ll be docking tomorrow morning. We’ll be screened for our health and then we’ll be taken to the airport for a chartered flight home to good ole’ USA and we couldn’t be more thrilled.”

Kelly, a former designer for HGTV and an annual guest of the Willie Stargell Celebrity Golf Invitational, was supposed to be on a fun trip with her husband, Woody. The couple boarded the Costa Luminosa March 5 for a 20-day cruise from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Venice, Italy in celebration of Woody’s retirement.

Two days into the cruise, the couple, along with the other passengers on board were told that they would be under quarantine for several days after a man who had been on the ship died from the coronavirus. During the isolation, several more passengers were removed from the ship after showing symptoms of COVID-19.

"It’s not just like being in prison, its being in prison when you know you have the virus on the ship,” Kelly said in an interview earlier this week. “That is a mental prison as well as a physical prison. We need any country at the very least to let us dock and let us off, load anybody who needs immediate medical attention.”

Kelly’s wishes came true. She and her husband, along with the other passengers are expected to be released from the ship Thursday morning.

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