Tracking coronavirus: A look at COVID-19 testing in Southeastern NC

Tracking coronavirus: A look at COVID-19 testing in Southeastern NC

Editor’s Note: Numbers of tests conducted will change. To find the latest information click here.

Brunswick County is providing updates on the number of tests conducted as part of its daily briefing.

Brunswick County Testing Details - As of 6 p.m. 3/25

  • Samples collected: 356
  • Pending tests: 216
  • Confirmed Negatives: 130
  • Presumptive Positives: 10

The first Brunswick County individual who tested presumptive-positive had flown into the Wilmington International Airport the day before being tested.

New Hanover County has attempted to keep track of the number of tests conducted, both by the health department and private labs in the area, and a spokesperson said they will begin providing regular updates as well.

New Hanover County Testing Details - As of 6 p.m. 3/26

  • Samples collected: 489
  • Pending tests: 278
  • Confirmed Negatives: 196
  • Positives (presumptive or confirmed): 15

The county reportedly no longer “monitors” those who have been tested for COVID-19, but patients are instead given self-isolation guidelines to follow, and someone from the health department will follow up on the individual’s test results.

Columbus County, as of noon on March 25:

  • Number of Test Samples Reported to the County: 80
  • Positive Test Results Reported to the County: 0
  • Confirmed Negative Test Results Reported to the County: 37

Pender County

We initially reported Tuesday night that health officials in Pender County may have screened a Duplin County resident for COVID-19. Pender County Public Information Officer Tammy Proctor, said Wednesday morning, however, the county did not screen anyone for coronavirus.

According to the Duplin County Health Department, a resident tested positive March 24, by the resident’s primary care physician. It was determined this case was a result of travel-related contact with someone having COVID-19.

Bladen County responded to WECT’s inquiries and reported they had not presumptive positives, but did not answer the additional questions regarding testing. A Bladen County representative said they would get back to WECT with answers to those questions at a later time.

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