State Rep. calls for bipartisan compassion during coronavirus pandemic

 State Rep. calls for bipartisan compassion during coronavirus pandemic
State Rep. Deb Butler says politics should be put aside during the coronavirus pandemic (Source: Deb Butler)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - At the start of what could be a long and unsettling pandemic, one North Carolina lawmaker is calling for bipartisan compassion during the coronavirus crisis.

State Rep. Deb Butler shared a message on Facebook asking that politics be put aside during this global pandemic.

Here’s what Butler posted on Facebook:

Good morning friends. This threat is a painful reminder that at the core, we are one people. We cannot fight a common foe as disparate factions. If we respond as a unified force and follow the recommendations, we will emerge from this, perhaps battered, but stronger together. It’s time to put the political aside. There is time to debate what went right and what went wrong. That is for another day. Now, we put selfish impulses aside and behave as instructed for the benefit of us all. And when this threat has passed, we will lift each other up as we do after a storm. There are lessons to be learned and we will learn them. But right now, hunker down, embrace a spirit of compassion, care and patriotism, and let’s get through this as neighbors.

While North Carolina’s legislature cancelled committee meetings ahead of the next scheduled General Assembly session in late April, Butler believes there will be a special session called soon.

“I am almost certain that the Governor will request an emergency appropriation for funding to support our most vulnerable citizens," Butler says. "That will require all legislators to return for that express purpose.”

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