New Hanover County commissioners receive update on coronavirus

New Hanover County commissioners receive update on coronavirus

NEW HANOVER COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - On Monday, county commissioners received an update on COVID-19.

There are NO confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New Hanover County.

Emergency preparedness leaders said they have come up with a five step plan in the event there are confirmed cases in the future.

1. Life safety - reducing the impact and minimize illness suffering and loss of life.

2. Promote early detection.

3. Facilitate and organize a coordinated response.

4. Minimize economical loss, psychological toll and social disruption.

5. Promote preservation and continuity of essential government operations.

Health experts say they’re trying to keep an eye on the older population of community members and anybody that might have underlying health problems. They say call ahead before you show up to be seen by a doctor if you have concerns so they can be prepared..

“If you are concerned, reach out to your public health department, reach out to your physician, especially if you have symptoms that are flu like," said Lisa Brown, Public Health Preparation Coordinator. "Have that conversation before you go to the doctor... call ahead and let them know where you’ve traveled and why you’re concerned because if they want you to come into the office and speak with them, they may want you to take some extra precautions so that would be important.”

In terms of hygiene, officials say the same rules apply here as they do with the flu. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, try to touch as few public surfaces as possible and refrain from touching your face.

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