On International Women’s Day, artists looks to revitalize the community

On International Women’s Day, artists looks to revitalize the community
Artists hope to revitalize part of Castle street with beautiful images (Source: WECT)

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Driving by Castle street you might notice few Wilmington icons all in one location.

The Battleship, Michael Jordan’s high school basketball jersey and the ocean with a sandcastle that represents the fire house on castle street, all part of the artwork on the corner of 5th Avenue & Castle Steet. As great of a picture as it is, it’s not just about the artwork for the two artists working on it.

Tiffany Machler has worked on Castle street for more than 15 years and has seen the revitalization as it happens.

“This is a really awesome place to start because it’s in the process of redeveloping," said Machler. "Things are changing, things are moving and people are open to things changing and moving... Murals bring something to a community, a sense of pride.”

Machler hopes that in the future, more murals will be brought to the area to help revitalize it. She said that is a goal of here and it it up to her to help bring about the change she wants to see in the community.

Art by Nugget is Machler’s business that has been running for less than a year. But, on International Women’s Day, Machler said it hasn’t been without struggles that got her to where she is now.

She is asked by other women and young girls how she was able to start her own business and be successful. Machler said it’s all about a person’s mindset, the main thing everybody can change. Machler never thought she would be a mentor to any body, but you couldn’t tell based on her advice.

“Just go in there everyday saying I know this is just a step to where I want to be," said Machler. "I’m going to make this into a step where I want to be, not a destination by going in and doing it so good that they can’t help but notice me. Make yourself invaluable and look towards the future and dwell on the things that you’re stoked about, don’t get caught up.”

In the scheme of things, she understands how far women have come in the course of history and believes there’s much more to work on. However, success stories are about progression, not perfection.

You can find Machler, the artist here.

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