Homeowners continue to wait on refilling of Boiling Spring Lakes

Homeowners continue to wait on refilling of Boiling Spring Lakes

BOILING SPRING LAKES, N.C. (WECT) - A year and a half ago Hurricane Florence left one of its most visible marks on Boiling Spring Lakes. The storm damaged the dams that filter water into the main lakes and they have since dried up.

City leaders are now working with McGill Associates, an engineering firm, to start the design phase of the dams, which is phase two of the three step project. The goal is to make them structurally better than they were before to avoid future flooding issues.

“Obviously, it impacted the recreation of the property that’s around it and from the public being able to access it. I would consider it a major inconvenience than it would be damaging the culture of the city,” said city manager Jeff Repp.

The target completion date is 2023.

People who have homes “lakeside,” say that’s much longer than they’d like to wait.

Bruce Veronick lives on Big Lake and says he’s disappointed with the timeline they’ve been given. Florence washed away the bulkhead that protected his property from eroding. Since the storm, the damage keeps piling up for Veronick.

"I'm doing anything and everything I can to keep my property from washing away. I've put down blue tops all over the place, sand bags, putting fill in... just too much."

Veronick remembers when his backyard used to be the hot spot of the town. Now, he doesn’t like going out back unless he absolutely has to.

“All my friends and neighbors used to come over and spend a day out there...”

While the timetable has moved up for refilling Boiling Spring Lakes, city leaders said they want to keep pushing the envelope for a quicker comeback. However, it’s still going to be several years before that lakeside gathering can happen again.

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