Crews rescue trapped paraglider hanging from power lines in California

OLIVEHURST, Calif. (KTXL/CNN) - A trapped paraglider dangled for hours as crews worked to rescue him from power lines.

The paraglider was attempting to land at the Yuba County Airport in California on Feb. 19 when he got stuck in power lines.

"I didn't see him moving. We thought he was dead,” said Jimmy Comstock, who witnessed the incident.

Fire officials say the trapped man was with another paraglider right before he hit the wires. Comstock said he saw both before they were separated.

"Two of them coming and one went that way, the other one went over the trees, dipped down in the road, then tried to get out of the road and then hit the wires,” Comstock said.

Randy York, the battalion chief with Olivehurst fire says the electric company needed to make sure all the energy was drained from the wires before they could physically contact the man.

"Our main focus was letting him know to stay in contact with the aircraft,” York said. “Not to try to reach out and touch us or move around as much so that the aircraft stayed still and wouldn't potentially fall.”

Crews were able to rescue the man, who was uninjured, three hours after he got stuck.

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